3D Spaces is the most immersive way to experience real-world places, whether you’re on a traditional browser or using a VR headset. But with VR, Spaces are that much more immersive and engaging, because you get a total sense of presence – the cognitive sense of physically being in a place.

In addition to the 3D Models on our site, they may also be viewed in Virtual Reality (VR) using either a Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard paired with a Samsung S6 or S7 smartphone.

    • Step 1: Download the Matterport VR app on  Gear VR or  Google Cardboard VR
    • Step 2: Download this list of VR experiences or SCAN the image below
    • Step 3: Open the Matterport VR app for your interactive virtual experience of the property!

We are excited to announce Matterport VR for iOS. You can now explore all your Spaces in virtual reality with both iPhone and Android devices.

There’s no time like the present to kick start or pump up your virtual reality strategy. Capture the attention of the 10 million VR headset owners with the most immersive digital experience of real-world places.

Get started today by downloading the Matterport VR app from the App Store.

All of your Spaces are fully compatible for viewing on iOS* — no additional conversion necessary. Simply tap the VR button on 3D Showcase, launch the app, and insert your iPhone into your Cardboard viewer. You are ready to start exploring!

QR Codes for various headsets.

Some interesting facts:

  • VR is projected to generate $4.6 billion in revenue in 2017 and $35 billion by 2025 (source)
  • 171 million VR users by 2018 (source)
  • More than 250,000 Matterport Spaces are now viewable in VR (source)
  • All Matterport Spaces created by 31 December 2016 are automatically converted to VR (source)