Narvik Krigsmuseum – Narvik War Museum

The exhibitions are about war and the consequences of it. The starting point is the German attack on Narvik and Norway in April 1940 and the following five years of war and occupation. The exhibitions also have a section that deals with universal questions related to war, conflict and human rights. A number of genuine historic items from WWII are exhibited. The museum uses design, photos, film, sound and technology to enhance the experience of the exhibitions.

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Matterport 3D Showcase WalkAround™ immersive tour experience by KPunsvik Photographer Kalle Punsvik.

Narviksenteret Røde Kors Krigsmuseum

The Narvik Centre, which incorporates the Red Cross War Museum, is a non-profit foundation working to further knowledge and understanding about peace and human rights through the documentation, research and outreach of the history of war in general and in particular of North Norway.

The museum was initially founded by the Norwegian Red Cross to teach children about the terrors of war and to commemorate the sufferings and losses of the civilian population and those who took part in the fighting. The museum was established in Narvik due to the fight for Narvik in 1940. The foundation’s commitment to establish an understanding of the importance of international law and human rights therefore remains strong. In 2014 we celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Matterport 3D Showcase WalkAround™ immersive tour experience by KPunsvik Photographer Kalle Punsvik.

Scribs Benzeum George

Dr Waldo Scribante of George and president of the Mercedes Benz Club of South-Africa (MBCSA), owns a collection of no less than 50 different Mercedes models.

He has a fond early memory of traveling with his family in his dad’s 1960 Mercedes towing a caravan along the Prince Alfred Pass when he was two years old.

The image stuck, because he has since then had a keen interest in repairing and restoring vintage and classic Mercedes vehicles.  “When I was still at school I always looked for old cars to repair and restore.”

The first car he bought after he finished his studies as a radiologist was a 1965 Mercedes 300, which he has kept in immaculate condition. The second car he bought was a 1963 Mercedes Coupé. His all time favorite, however, is a 1913 Benz, which was bought at an auction in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal in 2000. In fact, he couldn’t attend the auction personally, so he sent someone with a cheque in his stead. “It turned out the car was even rarer than I had thought…” He loves driving this car on rallies and tours, like the annual Veteran Tour that precedes the George Old Car Show.

Waldo’s collection includes an ambulance and a taxi which he bought on eBay and imported from Germany. “I only had the photos to go on, and when the vehicles arrived it was a pile of rusted stuff, which resulted in a big restoration effort.”

Every one of his vehicles is driven at least once a month. “All of them are in good working order, albeit not 100% perfect.” – Source


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