3D Cape St.Blaize Cave – Mossel Bay

Cape St. Blaize Cave, Mossel Bay, South-Africa

Cape St Blaize Cave

Situated directly under the Lighthouse, is the site of one of South Africa’s oldest archaeological excavations. First excavated in 1888 by George Leith, then by T. Rupert Jones in 1899, and by A.J.H (John) Goodwin in the 1920s.

The Cave has revealed deposits dating from about 200,000 years ago to the pre-colonial period, during which time middens were laid down by herders of the San people.


Excavations have revealed the earliest evidence for:

  • the systematic exploitation of marine resources such as shellfish;
  • the earliest evidence for the use of dyes in symbolizing;
  • the use of advanced bladelet technology; and
  • the earliest evidence for the use of heat treatment in the manufacture of stone tools

This site is protected as a Provincial Heritage Site by Heritage Western Cape.


Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse

In in 1864 it was built to designs by the Colonial engineer, R. Robinson. The original light on a masonry tower 20.5 meters in height, was stationary. In 1897 a revolving, clock-work light, which required winding every three hours, was fitted. This was used until the late 1970s. At present the light is fully automated.


Matterport 3D Showcase WalkAround™ immersive tour experience by jc3Dcx Photographer JC Coetzee.

3D Cape St.Blaize Cave – Mossel Bay