Scribs Benzeum George

Collection of vintage Mercedes Benz vehicles on display

Dr Waldo Scribante of George and president of the Mercedes Benz Club of South-Africa (MBCSA), owns a collection of no less than 50 different Mercedes models.

He has a fond early memory of traveling with his family in his dad’s 1960 Mercedes towing a caravan along the Prince Alfred Pass when he was two years old.

The image stuck, because he has since then had a keen interest in repairing and restoring vintage and classic Mercedes vehicles.  “When I was still at school I always looked for old cars to repair and restore.”

The first car he bought after he finished his studies as a radiologist was a 1965 Mercedes 300, which he has kept in immaculate condition. The second car he bought was a 1963 Mercedes Coupé. His all time favorite, however, is a 1913 Benz, which was bought at an auction in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal in 2000. In fact, he couldn’t attend the auction personally, so he sent someone with a cheque in his stead. “It turned out the car was even rarer than I had thought…” He loves driving this car on rallies and tours, like the annual Veteran Tour that precedes the George Old Car Show.

Waldo’s collection includes an ambulance and a taxi which he bought on eBay and imported from Germany. “I only had the photos to go on, and when the vehicles arrived it was a pile of rusted stuff, which resulted in a big restoration effort.”

Every one of his vehicles is driven at least once a month. “All of them are in good working order, albeit not 100% perfect.” – Source


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    Waldo Scribante

Scribs Benzeum George