Kaaimans Grotto

A hidden gem and only reachable via the railway line:

Christian caveman finds God in Wilderness, South Africa :-Religion News Service, 2015

Cliffie adds style to cave…article as published in the George Herald.

The “Kaaimans Grotto” in Wilderness (Garden Route) at the old railway to Knysna, is a place of eccentric artwork and pilgrimage run by Clifford and friends.

The cave itself is not supplied with electricity but equipped with fresh water, toilet facilities, cooking facilities and a wooden deck with unbeatable views. :-The Avenues Guesthouse


A day visit, or even night over at Kaaimans Cave / Grotto. Occupied by a most delightful and entertaining gentleman who calls it his home, also offers rustic yet cosy & comfortable accommodation to any traveller. This is a must see, even if just stopping by to enjoy a cup of tea on the deck overlooking the Kaaimans whilst he tells you his life/the cave story.  A fascinating experience!

NOTE: Do take safety precautions as the only means of getting there is via the railway line. Read more at Hello Garden Route

– and please don’t forget to leave a small contribution behind for using their deck, it is much appreciated!

Google Maps: The Cave

Goole Streetview Trusted experience by  jc3Dcx  Photographer JC Coetzee.

Video below was shot and produced by Samuel & Audrey travel and food videos

Kaaimans Grotto