Intercape G7 Sleepliner

Designed and developed in conjunction with chassis designer Volvo and body constructor Marcopolo

Intercape invested great time and effort in building the new super luxury Sleepliner coach up to the high specifications it has come to be known for.

“We are proud of what we have achieved with the G7,” says Johann Ferreira, CEO of Intercape. “It represents a major step forward for us, at a time when South Africa is in desperate need of safer, more dependable and affordable public transportation.” The new G7 coach will be in operation on major inter-city routes throughout southern Africa, and will also be available for private coach hire.

The G7 boasts great passenger comfort, the pièce de résistance being Intercape’s unique 150° reclining seats with extra legroom, and cutting-edge features with a “future finish”. The interior of the G7 is equipped with new, broader doors, newly-designed stairs as well as LED lighting which uses movement sensors to .turn the lights on and off automatically – all of which contributes to the ease of embarking and disembarking from the coach. Intercape is proud of the fact that the G7 is the first luxury double-deck coach that is wheelchair friendly. The G7 also has attractive new lighting features as well as new air-conditioning inputs, while the innovative sky window for passengers promises a full view of the sky throughout the journey. A spacious and comfortable toilet facility is also provided. … more

Matterport 3D Showcase WalkAround™ immersive tour experience by jc3Dcx Photographer JC Coetzee.

Intercape G7 Sleepliner